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Making positive contributions via scholarship with our network of local and global communities is integral to our work ethic.

Check out our world-wide collaborations below and connect with us to improve environments for children, youth and adults


Children's Environments Research Group (CERG), New York City

2010 - Ongoing

Given our founder-director’s decade long work-journey with

Dr. Roger Hart, Dr. Pamela Wridt and colleagues at the Children’s Environments Research Group (CERG), Dr. Sruthi Atmakur-Javdekar continues to maintain her professional affiliation with CERG, providing support with new projects related to children’s environments. Here, she connects with scholars and professionals, contributing to CERG’s vision of “a just and inclusive world where children and youth, in partnership with their families, neighbours, and communities, have the opportunity to participate in the creation of environments that support their right to live, learn and play.”


International Play Association (IPA) - India

2019 - Ongoing

Our founder-director, Dr. Sruthi Atmakur-Javdekar is India country representative for International Play Association (IPA) -World. Along with key IPA-World board members, she was instrumental in the formation of IPA-India in 2019. As country representative, Sruthi ensures transparent communication between IPA-World and IPA-India members, and works in developing, strategising and promoting key projects related to children’s right to play.

Key milestones along our journey to supporting children’s right to play in our communities include:

a. State of Children’s Play in India (Project)

2019 - (Ongoing project) 

Pan-India project investigating the state of children’s play in Indian cities in collaboration with Dr. Sudeshna Chatterjee (CEO, Action for Children’s Environments- (ACE))

b. Play and Public Place: Making Cities Child-Friendly in the Post Pandemic World 

November - December 2020

Six-week international webinar series by IPA-India, IPA-World, ACE and UNICEF. The webinar series brought together 29 experts from 16 countries for a global audience of more than 80 members.


World Resources Institute - India

2022 - Ongoing

Dr. Sruthi Atmakur-Javdekar’s global expertise in Child-Friendly Cities keeps the studio on track with supporting the design and development of toolkits and guidelines related to improving lives of young children and their caregivers in urban settings.  Since 2020, Dr. Sruthi been working on a consulting basis with World Resources Institute - India on projects related to Bernard van Leer Foundation's Infant-Toddler Caregiver Neighbourhoods (ITCN) under India’s Smart City Mission and Infant-Toddler Caregiver Mobility plan for Pune city.


National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi

March 2021 (Completed)

In March 2021, Dr. Sruthi from GRIT studio was invited to peer-review questionnaires related to the Knowledge Needs Assessment being undertaken by National Institute of Urban Affairs under Bernard van Leer Foundation's Infant-Toddler Caregiver Neighbourhoods (ITCN) focused Training and Capacity Building Programme.


Protecterra Ecological Foundation, Pune

2021 - 2022

With a keen interest in supporting organisations that work in the field of environmental awareness and change, our Founder is collaborating with Ms. Pooja Bhale (a conservation biologist from Pune, India) who leads Protecterra Ecological Foundation

The collaboration included the editing of a hand-illustrated manuscript, ‘The Kindness’ that brings readers - compassion, conservation, and awareness - every month. This manuscript is designed as a collector’s item and available in print only.  

For a copy of the manuscript, you may write to: Ms. Pooja Bhale (

We are currently working on re-designing the manuscript and request you to enjoy the previous issues in the meantime.

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