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Landscape Architecture

While our architectural practice is a holistic one bringing together the built and the surrounding landscape, we also work on projects that demand a special focus on landscape architecture.  

Given our founder’s expertise in ‘creating intergenerational landscapes in high-rise high-density housing environments’ and initial experience with working on large parks and recreation spaces in India and abroad, our landscape architecture work is a mix of sparse and dense landscapes.

Sparse landscapes typically demand a high level of ecological awareness, sensitivity and observational patience, while dense landscapes are pressed for a ‘premium look and feel’ calling for high-level manicured spaces with a sensitive and empathetic lens.

Check out our ongoing works below:

Landscape of Streams

Landscape of Streams_edited.jpg

February 2021 - Ongoing

Site planning and landscape design of a 10-acre property that bridges water bodies, a temple, an outdoor kitchen, a river front deck, mango tree pavilions and agricultural farming areas with the ‘House on Arches’ in Mulshi, Maharashtra.

Beyond the Stream

storm water_edited.jpg

October 2022 - Ongoing

Landscape architecture of a mixed-use project in collaboration with COEN (Singapore-based landscape firm) in Pune city, India.

Landscape of Energies

Landscape of Energies - Logo_edited.jpg

November 2021 - Ongoing

2-acres site design, planning and landscape architecture for 319 families residing in high-rise housing development in Pune city, India.

Angular Landscape

Angular Landscape - Logo_edited.jpg

October 2022 - Ongoing

Concept elaboration, design development, and detailed working of landscape design and planning for a high-rise housing development in Pune city, India.

The Comma: A pause in your everyday


January 2022 - Ongoing

Urban street and plaza design with a focus on interactive place-making for commercial front in Hinjewadi, Pune, India. The client’s brand logo is reflected into the landscape design elements as ‘commas’ – a pause in your everyday.

Lotus Pavillion – Concept working

Lotus Pavillion_edited.jpg

April - May 2022

Conceptual landscape design with a focus of lotus pavilion acting as a central celebratory space for a high-rise housing project of six high-rise residential towers.

The Affordances Plaza

Affordances Plaza_edited.jpg

August 2022 - Ongoing

Landscape architecture and interior design of common areas for a 2 acres property that houses 134 m tall twin high-rise residential towers in Pune city, India. The landscape design focuses ‘physical and social affordances’ for families with children, young people, and senior citizens.

Three Garden Courts - Concept Working

Three Garden Courts - Logo_edited.jpg

May - June 2022

Conceptual landscape architecture and site planning for upper ground level of a 4 acres’ property for 840 families residing in high-rise housing development in Pune city, India.

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