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The Comma: a pause in your everyday

Urban street and plaza design with a focus on interactive place-making for commercial front in Hinjewadi, Pune, India.


The proposed urban plaza uses iconography to create a design language via comma elements, which are drawn from the client’s brand logo where the English language ‘comma’ is interpreted as a ‘pause’ in your everyday.

Besides envisioning the comma as a seating area – a welcome space to pause and rest – we’ve also reimagined it to support a playful landscape.

Thus, the urban plaza and street are visualized as:

a space for both – young and old

a space that allows you to pause and get away from the everyday grind

a space that makes you feel playful

a space that allows you to: people-watch, rest and hangout

For us at GRIT, the design was conceptualized at the first site meeting, where the branding in the sales office came across as a strong visual connect. We visualized the organization’s identity as the source to encourage people to take a moment to pause, celebrate and revive.

Comma: Pause in your everyday: Portfolio
Comma: Pause in your everyday: Portfolio
Comma: Pause in your everyday: Text
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