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House on 6th and 42nd

Architecture, landscape, interior design and artwork for a four-bedroom home of 6000 SFT with multiple terrace gardens in Baner, Pune city, India.


Given the owners’ personal association with the urban green space at the intersection of 6th and 42nd in New York City, also, known as Bryant Park, for this home, it was essential to bring in the spirit of green open spaces.

Accordingly, the architectural plan has clean open lines with a strong Indian aesthetic and green terraces at three levels. The Indian aesthetic for architecture is drawn from local natural stone, block-print fabrics and native plant species.

Embracing the idea of ‘grounding energies’ as essential for user well-being at the ground level, the architectural layout calls for a home with private areas such as bedrooms and family room at the ground level and public areas such as kitchen, living and dining at the first floor level.

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