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Independent Projects

Given our founder’s research experience in community development and urban planning, designing and implementing research tools and methodologies is an integral part of our creative process. For example, we design Post-Occupancy Evaluations and apply learnings from client experiences to our ongoing design projects in the studio.

Further, we are in the process of drafting new research projects that are focused on bringing the concept of child-friendly cities to Pune. If you would like to collaborate with us on research-related work, then get in touch with us.


Children’s Urban Ecologies (CUE):
An assessment of green public spaces in Pune Metropolitan Region, India

(Upcoming Research Project)

Main Research Question:

How do children and young people use green public spaces in the city?

Specific-research Questions:

  1. What kinds of green public spaces does Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) offer children and young people?

  2. What are the issues related to access?

  3. What kinds of use or what activities do children and young people engage here?

If you are interested in finding answers to the above questions, then write to us expressing your interest at 

Post Occupancy Evaluation of a Modern Courtyard Home

(December 2022 - Ongoing)

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of a modern courtyard home (conceptualized, designed and planned by GRIT. This POE focuses on understanding four key aspects of the designed home:

(a) What spaces and aspects of the architectural design work well for the users?

(b) What spaces and aspects of the architectural design do not work very well for the users?

(c) If we could make changes to the existing plan, then what would that look like?

(d) What are the key take aways (highlights and challenges) from this project?

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