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Landscape of Streams

Site planning and landscape architecture of a 10-acre property that bridges water bodies, a temple, an outdoor kitchen, a river front deck, mango tree pavilions and agricultural farming areas with the ‘House on Arches’ in Mulshi, Maharashtra.


Inspired by flowing water, this 10 acre property is designed with meandering driveways and walkways offering multiple pause spaces with varied plantation types for grounding, inspiration and awe.

The architecture of this vast landscape is based on the simple ethos to first, observe and next, intervene for change. For this, observing and experiencing seasonal change over summers, winters and monsoons has been integral to the landscape design.

Here, the aim was to maintain the natural look of the site by enhancing ‘edges’ along the water and the driveways or the  interface between land and water. Natural material such as laterite were used as curbs for meandering driveways to emphasize ‘edges’ in the landscape.

Given the constant flooding along the river banks during monsoons, saving top soil and associated life was important. For this, natural stone pitching and plantation of plants such as wadelia, canna, pampas and typha grasses were chosen so, that the roots of these grasses are able to hold on to the soil when the river swells. Thus, ensuring no loss of soil during heavy monsoons.

The landscape is dotted with small streams, naturally occurring water ponds, fruit orchards, organic farming, fields and native tree species, where the levels across this site were maintained with little or no change.

The photographs below do little justice to the dynamism of the landscape through seasonal changes of summers, winters and monsoons. If you would like to schedule a visit to experience and learn more about the practice of landscape architecture on this site, then get in touch with our founder-director.

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