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Lotus Pavilion

Conceptual landscape design with a focus of lotus pavilion acting as a central celebratory space for a high-rise housing project of six high-rise residential towers.


A lotus flower symbolizes strength, resilience and rebirth or reinvention; And in middle-class high-rise housing developments, families from diverse backgrounds and places come together, resonating with each other’s shared story of strength and resilience.

How do we symbolize our collective human story of resilience, strength and reinvention in the landscape design?

This question guided the design process for the proposed podium landscape.

The Lotus Pavilion is envisioned as an experiential space that offers both exclusivity and togetherness for the 840 families living in the high-rise housing development. It’s a space where people come together to celebrate or find their space for daily mindfulness. The lotus pond hosts 840 lotuses, where each lotus symbolizes a family living in this residential development.

Further, the lotus pond roof is surrounded by a walkway with pause and rest areas, affording time for reflection.

Surrounding the Lotus Pavilion are grass mounds with ramps in a bright red creating an undulating playful landscape for children and young people.

Lotus Pavilion: Portfolio
Lotus Pavilion: Text
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