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Environmental Design Professional Interview

Through her interview with The Interview Portal, our founder Dr. Sruthi Atmakur-Javdekar shares her experience of learning and practicing architecture, landscape architecture, and environmental psychology. Her multidisciplinary education and work experience have shaped the human wellbeing centric, children friendly and empathy-focused creative design process at GRIT.


media mentions

Quoted in "Design Therapy for the Mind", Deccan Herald

April 18, 2021


past conferences and lectures

Building an Intergenerational Landscape in High-Rise Housing Developments

October 2022

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Invited expert speaker for Pune's Real Estate Study Group, Pune, India.

Supporting Stakeholders to Support Play in Cities

November 2020

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Speaker presentation at IPA-World, UNICEF, IPA-India and ACE’s Six weeks of international webinars ‘Making Cities Child Friendly in the Post Pandemic World: Play and Public Place’.

Playing, listening, engaging and taking action with children

August 2017

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Session Chair at Decolonising geographical knowledges: Opening geography out to the world, Annual international conference RGS-IBG, Imperial college, London, UK.

Learning by reading and doing

September 2016

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Panel presentation at Post-graduate innovations and challenges: Navigating the research–pedagogy nexus session, Annual international conference RGS-IBG, Imperial college, London, UK.

A critical analysis of play opportunities for young children living in high-rise housing in India

August 2016

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Paper presentation at Geographies of young children (1) session, Annual international conference RGS-IBG, Imperial college, London, UK.

Play as a tool in participatory research.

November 2015

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Invited speaker at the ‘Kaleidoscope 2015: A national conference on child rights – Participation and play in the urban context’ SNDT University, Mumbai, India.

Opportunities for children’s play and socialization in dense urban living environments in urban India

September 2015

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Session chair and paper presentation at The influence of place and space on young people’s mobilities in urban and rural contexts session, Annual international conference RGS-IBG, University of Exeter, UK.

Environmental Analysis of Children’s Play in Fast Growing Cities of Urban India

September 2015

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Paper presentation at Children and nature in the Anthropocene session, Annual international conference, RGS-IBG, University of Exeter, UK.

Child friendly cities: Two cases – Mumbai and Bhavnagar, India

January 2015

Atmakur-Javdekar, S. and Wridt, P., Paper presentation at the 4th international conference on the Geographies of children, youth and families, San Diego, USA.

Play trends in the West: Possible adaptations in India

September, 2014

Atmakur-Javdekar, S., Paper presentation at International play association India chapter – ‘Kaleidoscope of Play in India 2014’ – conference, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.

Creating play opportunities for ‘all’ children

March 2012

Atmakur, S., Paper presentation at conference titled, In defense of childhood: Keeping the joy of learning alive, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, USA.

Child friendly communities, East Harlem

April 2011

Atmakur, S. and Wridt, P., Datablitz presentation at the Second annual all-psychology research day, The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, USA.

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